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Building Design

The Building process starts here. As an Owner/Developer it begins with an idea to build something. Whether it is an investment property, or an expansion to your business like another factory or warehouse or office, it all starts with a building design to put your ideas on paper. This requires architects to create an aesthetically pleasing building that will satisfy your wants and needs and adhere to building code; and then it will require engineers to make that building feasible from a structural, electrical, mechanical and civil aspect.

Our Involvement -

We have excellent relationships with various highly skilled and trustworthy Architects and Engineers whom we deal and consult with on many of our Design-Build projects. Coupled with our Construction expertise, we help guide the Design process by assessing the constructability of the building design, as well as implementing cost control techniques to make sure your project doesn’t go over budget because as Contractors we know more about labor and material costs than Architects and Engineers.

  1. Overseeing the building design to assess -

    • Constructability of the building components designed
    • Financial feasibility of the building designed in respect to Owner’s budget
  2. Cost Control techniques

    • Value engineering
    • Scope reduction
    • Building design alternatives
  3. Fast-tracked design process

    • Leverage relationships with Designers to improve turnaround times
    • By combining Design + Construction under one contract, it optimizes the communication channels
  4. Municipal Development / Planning

    • We sit with all of our clients on their meetings with local City officials from the Planning and Development department to advocate on their behalf for their development
    • We have great relationships with the local City officials involved in the Planning and approval of new developments

You Dream It. We Build It.

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